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Gym Reimbursements Reinvented
with Incentfit Rewards

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Reward Participation

Reward employees each time they work out. If they don’t exercise, you don’t pay… it’s a guaranteed return on your best investment, your people!

All Fitness Levels Welcome

Nearly every type of fitness activity falls into one of these categories.

We verify activities through advanced location-based algorithms. You can’t claim to be working out at a gym when you’re sitting on your couch at home.

Control Spend

Create any type of incentive structure for any activities. Set monthly and annual caps to ensure that employees continue to exercise throughout the year.

Employee Experience

Fun, easy, and rewarding!

Rewards for Attendance At Gyms, Facilities or Events

Earn rewards based on attendance. Use the IncentFit app to record attendance while you’re at any gym, facility or event. If you don’t have a compatible smartphone, you can submit attendance logs online.

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Rewards for Running, Walking, & Biking

Track your activity with a fitness app or device, such as FitBit, Garmin, or your iPhone or Android. Your mileage and steps are automatically sent to your IncentFit account for reimbursement.

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Receipt Reimbursement

Snap a picture of your receipt, upload it online, or email it to us. We’ll review and issue credit within 2 business days.

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Your Formula for Success

Really high employee engagement.

An Engaging System

Rewards employees want, in-app notifications, and a mobile-first platform boost awareness and offer quick and easy ways to participate in reimbursements.

Targeted Marketing

We empower you with co-branded handouts and marketing material to help you spread the word by the water cooler.


Real-time reporting so you know just how successful you are.


Double the engagement rates of any other gym reimbursement or wellness program at half the cost. Kudos to you!

Highly Effective

A proven approach rooted in behavioral science.

Positive Reinforcement

Employees get a small amount each time they engage in healthy activity. Small, well-timed bits of positive reinforcement keep employees hooked.

Desirable Rewards

Research has shown that the most effective way to get anyone to do anything is to pay them. We deliver rewards through payroll integration, direct deposit, gift cards, charitable donations, and more…


Employees just focus on the exercise… we’ll handle the tracking and rewarding. No gym reimbursement paperwork, no complex rules, no headaches, no excuses.

You have more important things to do

We make implementation and operations easy.

For implementation, answer a few short questions to be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

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Going forward, we’ll handle:

Fitness tracking

Financial controls

Reward delivery



Phone & email support

Rewards Calculator

Estimate your rewards budget.

We have 500 employees and we would like to offer each employee up to $300 per year for exercising. Our employees are somewhat active.

The estimated spend on incentives to employees comes out to $52,539 for the entire year, or just $9 per employee per month!