Exercise Anywhere

Your employees can spend less time worrying about how to track gym attendance, and more time actually working out.

IncentFit’s geolocation system uses your phone’s built-in GPS, magnetometer, and other precise sensors to find where you are on the map, anywhere in the world.

Automatic and Accurate

Your phone’s built-in systems can plot your latitude and longitude coordinates, and even tell us your gym’s street address. We maintain our own records to ensure our data is up-to-date and far-reaching.

That’s how, when your employees open the IncentFit app, we can automatically log if they’re at one of the thousands of existing fitness facility locations in our database.

Download our geolocation explainer to share with your HR team

How Geolocation Works at IncentFit

At a recognized gym? Just open the IncentFit app and check in.

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New spot? Add a new location and we will review and add to our records after you’ve finished your workout.

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Check out after you’ve completed your workout...cha-ching!