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7 Things You Should Look For in a Gym Reimbursement Vendor

Written by Allie

It’s easy to see why a gym reimbursement plan is a popular component of a successful corporate wellness program.

Research shows that gym members are more likely to cancel if they aren’t regularly attending, aren’t feeling motivated to exercise, or don’t have ongoing support for their fitness goals. Introducing a system of rewards and positive reinforcement can be a powerful motivator, especially when paired with a monetary wellness incentive.

If you’re shopping around for a gym reimbursement vendor that’s right for your organization, make sure they have the following traits:

1. Low Cost

Gym reimbursement programs should not cost you a ton in overhead and administration. While this isn’t the only thing to keep in mind, be sure to shop around for different rates to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

2. Mobile App

An app should be the standard for gym reimbursement vendors. This reduces the reliance on physical paperwork, making it easier for employees to log their visits and reduce cheating. A good app will show how much they’ve earned and their reimbursement cap.

3. Ease of Use

Look for a program that’s easy to navigate for both the HR department and the employees. Streamlined onboarding and a simple reimbursement process can mean a lot as far as employee engagement.

4. Easy Reporting

How will you know if your employees actual use this new service? Reports! It should be simple to view, generate, and download reports about your account usage.

5. Flexibility

What type of rewards do you want to offer? Would you like to base your rewards on time spent at a facilty (say, the recommended 150 minutes per week, or roughly 30 minutes per day)? Do you want them to scan a QR code at the facility or do an app check-in at a location? A good vendor should have the ability to let you decide exactly how you want to structure these rewards.

6. Stellar Customer Support

Your employees are relying on you, and you should rely on your vendor. A good vendor will be easy to reach with concerns or troubleshooting, and be able to explain any part of their program in detail.

7. Automated Rewards Fulfillment

Managing the logistics of rewards fulfillment can be a huge hassle for HR, so an ideal vendor takes that off your plate. Your gym reimbursement vendor should automatically fulfill rewards for you.

Fortunately, IncentFit fulfills all of these requirements! Ask us today about our gym reimbursement platform.

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