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Fitness in the Time of Corona: 3 Ways IncentFit is Adjusting To Help Employers

Written by Allie

It’s a strange time to be working. We’ve all been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis in some way, and both our professional and personal lives remain changed.

IncentFit wants to help business leaders, HR professionals, insurance providers, and workers navigate this unfamiliar landscape and stay as healthy as we can.

Earlier this month, we asked employers to speak candidly about their needs and concerns.

The survey results were clear: you’re looking for ways to help motivate employees to exercise from home, for products that help with employee morale and mental/emotional health, and for ways to help your teams stay connected. Wellness programs are needed more than ever during the time of Corona.

So here are 3 product updates from us to you:

Rewards for Streaming Exercise and At-Home Workouts

With gyms closed and people confined at home, many more folks are looking for ways to exercise safely. At IncentFit, we’re looking for better ways to verify home workouts. We’ve already made it possible to allow check-ins to home gyms—now you can reward your employees for exercising with streaming videos, too. Instead of using the app’s fitness facility check-in feature, employees can earn credit by submitting photos of the videos or streaming service they’re using. (For technical folks, we use EXIF data from photo submissions to verify when photos were taken.)

Challenges Chat Feature:

IncentFit’s wellness challenges are a fun and engaging way to get people moving and paying attention to their health. Employees already say they love the friendly competition, but now we’ve added a chat feature within challenges. Cheer, encourage, and challenge each other, even while you’re apart.

Health Content:

Understanding what makes us healthy, happy, safe, and free from illness is more important than ever. We’re partnering with an independent health content provider to bring you evidence-based health news and information—including the latest about Coronavirus and public health in general. Topics include daily news updates, as well as specialized information on fitness, disease management, mental health, women’s health, and more. However, your wellness program should not be limited to health content alone.

Interested in adding these features to your existing plan? Ready to launch something new with IncentFit? Contact us today to get started. We’ll get through this, together.

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