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Quirky Perks! Weird Ways Companies Are Attracting Employees

Written by Amber

When we hear company perks and employee benefits, Taco Tuesdays and free gym memberships comes to mind. These perks are often used in efforts to improve company culture, and human resource efforts. However, as competition increases to attract the top employees, businesses are incorporating new and sometimes unorthodox ways to bring in bold talent. Even small businesses are getting in on the action by offering employee benefits unique to their size! Check out a few cool but odd company benefits you might not have heard of before (these are usually a part of a broader employee benefit program):

  • Basecamp makes it easier to follow office dress code by offering free dry cleaning and concierge services to their staff.
  • Asana, a company that develops project management software, offers employees $10,000 to use in refurnishing their work space. Be it a new computer to decadent artwork, they can use it however they like.
  • Dog lovers look out! Pet insurance is a popular new workplace perk offered by companies such as Microsoft, Xerox and Yahoo.
  • Chesapeake Energy offers free botox injections as well as complimentary usage of tanning beds for their staff.
  • New York based event planning company Tinsel, offers tattoos as one of the company’s performance based rewards.
  • iCracked, a company that fixes broken iphones allows employees to borrow the company yacht!
  • While a bit controversial, both Apple and Facebook offer up to $20,000 towards reimbursement for egg freezing.
  • At Freeborn & Peters, employees are asked to bring a suitcase to work once a year during the “luggage party.” A few staff members are randomly selected to take an all expenses paid vacation to Las Vegas on the spot.

Administering company perks can be a hassle. Between keeping track of who submitted what, and making sure staff is reimbursed in a timely manner, company perks can end up consuming a lot of time and effort. Incentfit makes the paperwork a breeze. Our mobile app allows employees to upload receipts from anywhere, and we automatically reimburse employees based off of guidelines you set. Find out more about how easy it can be to implement your own quirky company perks today!

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