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November 2018 App Updates from IncentFit

Written by Allie

As always, we’re making changes behind the scenes to improve your admin experience. Here’s the latest from IncentFit:

Oh Captain!

One more fun addition to challenges: now you can create a team captain. Captains can help lead the way, and also have access to some editing functions, like changing team names or adding participants.

(Try it out with one of our newer templates, like the Hit The Road biking competition.)

Communications Tools

Your admin Communications section has new resources, including employee FAQs, email templates, and other marketing materials to effortlessly connect with your employees through IncentFit.

To access from the web portal, head to Communications > Marketing Materials to see or download more than a dozen helpful options.

And for Challenges clients, we’ve added the ability to:

  • Customize your challenge invitation emails
  • View and confirm scheduled emails and texts to participants
  • Download leaderboard reports for completed challenges

Fall wellness ideas

It’s true, we specialize in getting folks to exercise all year-round. But there are a few important health related factors to consider for this season specifically (from holiday weight gain to seasonal depression).

We recently shared a few fall wellness ideas on our blog to keep you moving and healthy this November! It’s not too late to implement a few changes before the end of the year.

Around the office…

On Tuesday, November 6, the entire IncentFit team will be out exercising our civic responsibility — which means there may be a slight delay in our emails. Thanks in advance for your patience and happy voting!

We’re also expanding! This month we’ll debut some new faces on our employee page, and a brand new website. Stay tuned.

Questions? Want to make changes for 2019? Give us a call!

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