Improve Employee Health with
Engaging Fitness Challenges

Fits Your Corporate Culture

Employees can compete on teams or work as a group to reach a goal. Bridge the gap between offices, departments, or even countries!

No Administration

We handle everything including challenge creation, enrollment, employee communication, activity tracking, and reporting.

Get Creative

Create any type of challenge, based on any type of activities. Customize the name, reward and duration. Run as many or as few challenges as you like.

See how it can work at your company!

Employee Experience

Fun, easy, and rewarding!

Simple Set Up

Join a challenge. Invitations will be sent to your phone and email.

Seamlessly Track Activity

Use our app or website to log your fitness activity. You can also connect an app or device to auto-report activity.

Achieve Goals

Achieve your fitness goals through competition and teamwork.

SmartEngage Everyone With the Perfect Challenge

Without breaking a sweat.

Set It and Forget It

SmartEngage automatically creates challenges for all your employees. We create the challenges, notify employees to participate, keep track of progress, and announce winners.

Smart Groupings

Employees participate in challenges with activities they love and with peers in their fitness level.

Maximum Engagement

SmartEngage gets the highest engagement rate because it creates real competition amongst peer groups. It’s a proven formula for success!

You know your people better than anyone

Not a one-size-fits all solution. We give you the tools to run fitness challenges that fit your culture.

Build Community

Create healthy competition between offices, departments, or let employees create their own teams. Alternatively, work as one big team to achieve a fitness goal.

Rewards that motivate

Choose rewards that your employees will appreciate. Primo parking spot, lunch with the boss, gift cards, donations to charity, bragging rights….you know best!