Wellness Challenges

Fall into Healthy Habits: Workplace Wellness Ideas to Try This Season

Written by Allie

We’ll skip the pumpkin spice jokes and get straight to it: this is the best time of year. But as much as we love fall adventures, autumn also brings a few occupational hazards that make October and November the perfect time to focus on workplace wellness, or wellness in the workplace.

At IncentFit, we specialize in getting employees to exercise year-round. But there are a few important factors to consider for this season specifically:

  • The CDC recommends that people get a flu vaccine by the end of October. It’s not too late to host an on-site clinic, or to offer a wellness incentive for employees who get the shot.
  • Chillier weather and dwindling sunlight towards the end of the year can cause fatigue, difficulting concentrating and worse: seasonal affective disorder. Regular exercise, light working environments, and healthy coping strategies can make a big difference in the affects of SAD.
  • Open Enrollment season is just around the corner for HR departments. While they’ll be focused on paperwork and deadlines, everyone can benefit from a little extra focus on self-care…including benefits managers.

Office wellness doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; in fact, there are plenty of ideas to easily boost your empoyee engagement this season.

Plan a group outing

Skip the ubiquitous happy hour and think creatively. This is the perfect season for apple picking — yes, you can go as a corporate group. Invite everyone to participate in an outdoorsy trip for the day, then share a few healthy recipes to take advantag of your haul.

Sponsor an employee team for a 5K

A company race team is a relatively small investment with a big payoff! Encourage your team to participate in a local 5k walk or run — look for Turkey Trots or create your own holiday event. If you really want to bring everyone together, try branded running shirts with your company logo.

Conduct meetings outdoors

Take advantage of the sunlight while its available! Instead of your daily or weekly check-ins in a conference room, experiment with different meeting formats and see which you can conduct as a “walking meeting” or quick outdoor huddle. (You’ll appreciate the serotonin boost from sun exposure, and possibily have a more focused afternoon.)

Try a steps challenge

This is an excellent time to launch an office steps challenge, either individually or as a team working to one big goal. Pro tip: the ideal length for a challenge is between one to two months, but no less than two weeks.

Want more ideas for office wellness that works from season to season? Schedule a call with us to learn more about engagaing employees year-round.