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Vaccinations and More: February 2021 Admin Updates from IncentFit

Written by Allie

February is Healthy Hearts month! Time to show yourself and others some love this month. Focus on acts of kindness and self-care, while also taking time to get your vital annual checkups, vaccinations, and screenings!

Here are the latest updates for IncentFit administrators:

Reward for Vaccinations

For years, employers have encouraged employees to get flu shots. Many companies—including plenty of IncentFit customers—even offer financial incentives or other rewards for doing so!

As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available more broadly this winter and spring, we’ve now made it possible to include incentives for employees who get vaccinated for coronavirus. Check out our blog for all the details and our recommendations.

Pro tip: Didn’t get a flu shot this season? It’s not too late! While experts recommend receiving a flu shot in September or October, flu season extends through March (and sometimes even later). So you can still get vaccinated…and if your IncentFit plan allows, you can also still get rewarded for doing so.

Challenge Spotlight: Walk Across America

Challenge your entire team to walk the length of the American Discovery Trail!

Our wellness challenge library has dozens of templates, and this one is our favorites. In the Walk Across America challenge, you’ll work as a group to walk from coast to coast. That’s just over half a million steps!

This challenge works best for medium-sized groups of 45-70 people.

Pro tip: Not doing a lot of walking outside? You can still earn credit for treadmill activities or steps taken around the house by connecting a fitness tracker or watch to your IncentFit app.

Coming Soon
Next month we’ll begin hosting a webinar training series for HR managers and wellness program administrators! Expect practical lessons packed with insights on how to design, implement and improve your program, while keeping the needs of your employees and company in mind. Stay tuned for more details!

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