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All About Challenges: June Updates and Features

Written by Allie

We’ve added some fun new ways to motivate your employees! In this month’s update, IncentFit is all about challenges.

Financial Wellness, Sleep Hygiene and more

In April, we rolled out our new challenges template feature with more than a dozen to choose from to start. Now there are new ways to motivate your office, together as a team or individually!

We’ve always had options to encourage positive changes in physical fitness, with challenges that track steps, calorie burn, or time spend working out. But we know that wellness goes beyond your gym visits.

Our newest challenges tackle other aspects of wellness, including finances, sleep, and work-life balance:

  • Don’t Break the Bank: strive for financial wellness with skills building and money-management tips
  • Work Hard, Play Hard: establish and nurture a healthy work/life balance, earning points for activities outside of the office
  • Sleep Smarter: learn and practice healthy sleep habits to feel well rested and more alert during the day
  • Interested in trying one? Create a new challenge and select from our template collection.


    To truly create engaging workplace wellness challenges, the competition should be fun, realistic, but not too easy or too hard. A competition isn’t much fun if you already know who’s going to win!

    Thankfully, we’re always thinking about how to influence employee engagement and balance the competition.

    SmartEngage is our proprietary technology that automatically creates challenges and groups participants, so people compete at their own level. Runners against runners, walkers against walkers.

    Admins select this option from our challenge template library, set challenge start and end dates, and then the system will automatically group employees based on personal fitness data. We invite those groups to join fun challenges designed just for them.

    Samsung Health

    Android users, we’ve got something for you! Now your employees can use Samsung Health to track activity and earn credit with us. Connect the app to IncentFit and we’ll automatically track steps, sleep, and exercise from anyone who uses the app or a Samsung fitness watch.

    Have a challenge idea your employees would love? Send us your challenges wishlist!

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