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7 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy at Work This Summer

Written by Ameer

From walking meetings to healthy snacks, we’ve got a few ideas to help HR managers and employees stay healthier at work, and improving your personal wellness this summer!

1. Hydration Challenge

There are plenty of differing opinions for how much water you should drink each day. But whether you need 8 glasses or X number of ounces, chances are you’re still not getting enough.

Proper hydration is crucial in the summer months (we’re always playing catch up from the dehydration in the winter time), especially if you are exercising or spending time outside. Challenge yourself and your colleagues to be mindful about water with a month-long hydration challenge! Either go head-to-head to see who can have the best streak, or progressively add in a few more ounces each week.

2. Eat Water-Rich Fruits and Vegetables

Skip the sweet treats and instead offer a selection of fresh seasonal produce in your office kitchen. Snacking on water-rich fruits and vegetables can help you stay hydrated and focused during the hot months (and all year round).

Look for foods high in water content, such as watermelon, grapes, peaches, melons, cucumber, bell peppers, lettuce and other leafy greens.

Make it a challenge by encouraging employees to have at least three servings of fresh whole fruit to their diets each day.

3. Have Healthy Team Lunches

No more sad desk lunches, and take a break from social media! Eating as a team has plenty of unexpected benefits, from building your company culture and strengthen relationships among teams, to making your leadership feel more accessible and approachable. If you’re not already having regular meals together, try adding in a new tradition this summer…preferably with fresh and healthy foods in the mix.

4. Walking Meetings

Have you tried the “walk and talk” yet? Instead of hosting a regularly scheduled check-in or meeting in a conference room, see which events on your calendar can be turned into walking meetings instead. Adding in just 15 minutes of extra activity each day–inside or outside–can make a big difference in your overall physical health.

5. Summer Fridays or 4-Day Work Weeks

Many companies have already figured out that flexible schedules are a popular and inexpensive perk. In 2021, several countries, including Iceland, have already been experimenting with a four-day work week as a means to reduce burnout and improve productivity!

Consider closing the office early on Fridays or allowing weekly flex time during this season so your employees can have more time to recharge, enjoy the weather, and practice healthy work/life balance.

6. Start Training for a Race

Road races are coming back sooner than you’d think…so this summer is a great time to get training! Set your sights on a fall event such as a relay, road race, or fundraiser walk.

Get a team together and start training for one of the many races or fundraiser walks that pop up in September and October. The typical 10k training plan is 6-8 weeks, which means you’d be in a good place to start in mid-summer and work up to longer mileage by the fall.

(P.S. If you’re a more seasoned runner, training for longer distances in the summer heat can also lead to a PR in the fall, according to some running coaches. “Runners tend to feel weightless and swift when the season changes. Breathing is easier. Legs are lighter,” says Atlanta-based running coach, Rebecca Trachsel.)

7. Offer incentives for exercise

Did you know that only 23% of Americans get enough exercise on a daily basis? Exercising on a regular basis will helps us live longer, and accordingly help you build a healthier workforce.

Does your company offer a gym membership reimbursement? If so, you’re among the thousands of companies helping their employees access health and fitness. You can also reward and incentivize people to stay active wherever they are!

Learn a bit more about Activity Rewards and how IncentFit helps reward healthy activities like running, walking, swimming, or visiting the gym.

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