Fitness reimbursements without the headache.

The easiest way to automate gym memberships. (That means lower costs and happier employees, too.)

Verified attendance
Geolocation technology confirms when employees are at the gym. So you’re not paying for unused memberships.

Mobile-first, paperwork free
Check in or submit receipts all within a convenient mobile app.

Hassle-free administration
From receipt verification to rewards disbursement, leave the admin to us. No extra paperwork for you.

Works in any location
Your employees can check in at any gym or fitness facility, anywhere in the world.

How It Works


Employees submit reimbursement claims or check-in at a qualifying fitness facility.


We confirm that all claims and activities fit your company's plan requirements.


We distribute payments for you. Happier employees, with no extra hassle!

How We've Mastered Automated Activity Tracking

Our seven-part system eliminates hassle for HR


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Managed Implementation

Most clients implement IncentFit within days using our free online implementation process. However, for larger companies and/or for groups with many customized needs, we offer a managed implementation process. We will setup weekly meetings with your team and manage the implementation project for you.


Eligibility File Sync

We can stay in sync with your HRIS/payroll system to ensure we always have the most up-to-date employee list. Great for big companies and/or companies with high turn-over!


Single Sign On

Let your employees sign into IncentFit using your company login system. Pricing varies depending on how your single sign on system works. Contact us for a free quote.

$1k - $3k
depending on your system


In addition to removing the IncentFit brand, we can fully customize the look and feel of the app, website, and emails to match your desired design aesthetic. This can include a custom app, email styling, and web-portal styling. Great for companies with particular internal marketing standards!

$5k - $20k
+$500 annual fee

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