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6 Tips To Stay Safe While Doing Outdoor Workouts

Written by Kate

If you’ve been working out in your home gym for weeks now and have decided that you need a change of scenery, this article is for you. Sure, exercising indoors can be fun, but sweating in a confined space can eventually get boring and even a little depressing.

Doing outdoor workouts can enhance the benefits of exercising, as it boosts mental health and gives you access to cleaner air. However, exercising outdoors will require you to adhere to many safety precautions as you probably don’t want your sessions to result in any accidents.

Follow these tips to stay safe while doing outdoor workouts:

1. Plan Your Route Ahead Of Time

Running, walking, and biking can be exciting, but getting lost isn’t. Instead of enjoying the view and basking in the sun, doing outdoor workouts can end up a disaster when you realize that you can no longer find your way back home.

One of the most crucial outdoor running safety precautions you should follow is to plan your route ahead of time and let your family know where you’re heading. This will prevent you from making any wrong turns and make it easier for your family to find you if you’re still not home late at night. This tip is essential, especially if you don’t like bringing your phone when working out.

2. Wear Reflective or Bright-Colored Clothing

When exercising outdoors, keep in mind that your risk of being involved in or causing any accidents increases. For example, drivers might accidentally hit your bike as you’re passing over a highway at night.

Stay safe while doing outdoor workouts by wearing visible apparel. It’s best to wear bright- or light-colored clothing pieces with reflective elements, so other people can easily see you. This is especially important if you often work out early in the morning or late at night when the sun isn’t up anymore.

3. Pay Attention To Your Skin 

Sunlight can bring many health benefits, such as improving your mental wellness by reducing stress and strengthening your immune system. However, keep in mind that excessive sunlight exposure can also cause problems. Going out unprotected can expose you to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, causing skin cancer, among others.

Protect your skin by using sunscreen before heading out. Ideally, you should apply a generous amount of sunscreen to all parts of your body and apply a second layer to areas most exposed to the rays of the sun. These areas often include your face, arms, and legs.

It’s also vital to invest in protective clothing, such as a hat, visor, and a pair of sunglasses. Wearing these will protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays and ensure that you remain comfortable while doing outdoor workouts.

4. Check The Weather Beforehand

The weather can significantly affect your safety while doing outdoor workouts. Wearing light clothing as it suddenly rains can put you at risk of getting sick. Alternatively, wearing thick clothes when the weather is too hot can result in fatigue and dehydration.

To stay safe while doing outdoor workouts, check the weather ahead of time. The forecasts in various platforms aren’t always perfect, but these can give you an idea of what to expect and how to dress appropriately. Weather forecasts can also help you determine whether it’s feasible to exercise outdoors or if you should have a backup plan.

5. Keep Your Headphone Volume Low

It’s common to see individuals listening to music when working out—and it’s easy to see why. Listing to music can distract people from fatigue, elevate their mood, and increase endurance. There’s nothing wrong with doing the same, but you need to be keen on the volume of your tunes.

When doing outdoor workouts, refrain from putting your music on maximum volume as this can prevent you from hearing oncoming cars, bikers, and other people. Music can get you into the zone but make it very challenging for you to stay alert.If you’re going to use your headphones when doing outdoor workouts, choose an energizing playlist but set it to a volume that will still allow you to hear everything that’s going on around you. This will help increase your safety as you’re exercising and ensure that you don’t cause any inconvenience to others.

5. Protect Yourself From Bug Bites

Bug bites can become an issue depending on your location and where you plan to work out. Aside from causing redness and itchiness on the skin, some bugs can cause severe allergic reactions, resulting in several symptoms, such as nausea, breathing difficulties, and chest pains.

Avoid bug bites when exercising outdoors by applying a mosquito repellent. Since most bugs thrive in stagnant water, choose to work out in areas away from lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water, as well. The drier the location is, the safer you’ll be from bug bites.

Last, But Not Least, Always Remember Safety First

Before lacing up your sneakers to exercise outdoors, it’s best to pay attention to the tips presented in this list first. Constantly following these guidelines can be the key to enjoying your outdoor workouts and ensuring that you remain safe every time you’re out and about!

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