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5 Ways You Can Encourage Mental Wellness

Written by Amber

Statistically, one in five employees are struggling with a mental illness. It’s extremely common and it adversely affects wellness in the workplace. Employees struggling with mental health issues have decreased motivation, productivity, and can negatively impact the work environment. Ignoring mental health in the workplace results in millions of wasted company dollars. The Center for Prevention and Health estimates that mental illness can cost companies up to $105 billion dollars a year. But accommodating mental illness isn’t just good business, it’s the law. Under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), employers are required to provide people with disabilities, including mental health, reasonable accomodations do their job. By investing and supporting a healthy mental wellness environment, employers can set up their company and employees for success. Here are five recommendations in how to invest in the mental health of your employees.

1) Raise Awareness and Remove the Stigma

People are more likely to take care of their mental health than ever before. However, there are still groups of people that feel ashamed or are afraid as being perceived as lazy if they have a mental health issue. Make sure that employees know of any programs that you may offer to support mental wellness. Discourage any conversations in which mental health is chastised or neglected.

Part of removing the stigma is to normalize seeking help from Mental Health Resources.

2) Encourage a Physically Healthy Lifestyle

Our physical health and mental health are inextricably linked. Studies show that exercise can reduce symptoms of depression. Encourage a healthy lifestyle by offering a corporate wellness program. Provide healthy snacks in the office such as fresh fruit or herbal tea. Introduce incentives for exercise and eating well. IncentFit has a customizable program that will make it easy for employees of all fitness levels to keep moving!

3) Create a Mentally Healthy Environment

Keeping the office stress free is important in maintaining mental health. Start a company garden. Train managers and supervisors to recognize signs of mental illness. Offer stress workshops. Encourage cleanliness and organization within the office. Offer yoga classes or meditation workshops as rewards. These are just a few examples of how you can promote a healthier office space.

4) Allow Flexible Schedules

Allowing a flexible schedule is one of the best ways you can support your employees. This can include giving staff the ability to make up time for therapy appointments or working from home occasionally. Time off or flexible hours can allow employees the time they need to put their life in order, which can help them feel at ease.

5) Keep an Open Mind

Listening to what your employees have to say is probably the most important tip we can offer. Everyone’s struggle is different!

If you’re looking for some help in implementing these suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts at IncentFit!

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