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When to reopen for business? This free tool can help.

Written by Allie

“I’m worried about building safety, especially enclosed spaces.”

“I’d like to return to work, but until daycares reopen I have to significantly reduce my hours.”

“I’m just concerned about everyone in general. There’s a lot of unknowns.”

“I realized I actually love working from home and wonder if I could keep doing it once we go back to normal operations.”

Everyone’s experience in this pandemic is different, and likewise, so are the concerns about this next phase in recovery.

Like so many other companies, we’re grappling with some big decisions and plenty of questions. Questions like how and when to reopen our office, how to keep people safe, and where to prioritize our resources going forward.

It’s no secret, though: the tough decisions are so much easier to make if you’re listening to your employees.

Whether you’re a small startup trying to forge a way ahead, or an international firm with far-flung offices, your next step to reopening should be to have a conversation.

To help that process, we’ve created a resource for employers using IncentFit’s surveys tool. It’s free now through the end of June.

With this 5-minute survey, you can start having a meaningful dialogue with your teams.

Quickly assess concerns about risk factors, safety procedures, stresses, and family needs. Hear from your employees directly about which changes would help them feel comfortable returning to work.

As with all of our surveys, employees’ answers are anonymous and confidential; employers see a simple aggregated view of the responses, making it easy to visualize the top concerns.

Try out the survey for free now.

Interested in other ways that surveys can help? We’d love to walk you through the HealthCard platform, the easiest way to run surveys, health risk assessments, and beyond. Schedule a demo.

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