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Spring Cleaning: April Updates and Features

Written by Allie

Spring is the perfect time to do a little housecleaning…and to try something new! This month we’re introducing some new features, and administrative updates to make IncentFit run better for everyone.

Hike, Bike & More

Are your employees outdoorsy? Just in time for warmer weather, now you can track hiking through your favorite app or device!

We’ve also added device support for indoor spinning and elliptical activities. We’ve actually always tracked these activities but they were lumped into walking and running. Now we’ve broken them out for better clarity.

Let us know if you’d like to turn on these options for your organization.

Expanded Challenges

Our Challenges platform is getting better all the time. This month, we’ve added new custom challenge templates.

They’re more complex than a simple points-based challenge, but a breeze for you to set up and launch. Each template comes equipped with custom emails written by our wellness coaches and motivational nudges through phone notifications. We’ll even send you marketing posters upon request.

You can try out our three newest challenges now:

  • Partners in Fitness: The gym is better when you work together. Work with a partner against other teams of two to walk the most steps in 30 days.
  • Sweet Dreams: Encourage employees to get a good night’s rest. Earn points for healthy sleeping either by syncing a device or manually tracking hours.
  • Healthy Eating Skills Builder: Transform simple actions into lasting habits in this five-week challenge designed to introduce healthier and more mindful eating.

Apple Watch Support

We’re gathering more accurate data on exercise duration from Apple Watch. This is great news if you want to offer rewards or challenges based on time spent exercising.

With this change, anyone with an Apple Watch will receive a notification asking you to grant IncentFit access to “Exercise Minutes”. This permission is the only way we can properly report duration for you going forward.

If you use Apple Health on an iPhone only (and not on an Apple Watch) we will no longer automatically receive duration data for you. This is because Apple requires you to use an Apple Watch or a third-party app to track duration. To continue receiving credit for duration, please use one of the free third-party apps supported by IncentFit (for example, Moves).


  • We heard you! Now you can download reports of employee earnings. Find disbursement reports under your company settings, downloadable as an Excel file.
  • Employees with race reimbursement benefits no longer have to do a geolocation check-in on race day. Instead, they’ll earn credit by submitting race results, proof of registration, or other documentation. (As always, we’ll handle the paperwork for you.)

Questions on any of these updates? Want to talk about how we can help your employees be healthier and happier? Contact us.

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