Payroll Apps that Bring Technology to HR

Written by Gabe

If you work in HR, you have probably dealt with hundreds of forms, emails and spreadsheets. Well what if I could tell you, there’s an app for that. With the boom in smartphones and technology startups, managing employees can become as easy as clicking a couple of buttons for both you and your employees. Moreover, as technology becomes safer and more secure, employees have become more willing to enter personal information and perform more sensitive tasks online. Here are some interesting tools that you can take advantage of to lighten your workload:


Bookafy can automate much of your appointment booking process between employees, candidates, staff or partners. Bookafy seamlessly integrates with your personal calendar (iCloud, Outlook, Exchange, Google Cal) to offer real time availability to your schedule. Send automated confirmation emails, text message reminders and sync your calendar. Its simple, easy and a must have for any HR team.


ZenPayroll offers a streamlined solution for all of your company’s payroll needs. Their intuitive software takes care of accounting aspects from direct deposits to PTO to tax filing. They’re particularly well situated for groups with under 100 employees since they’re really effective at streamlining common use-cases. So if your company is seeking to automate your payroll needs, you can benefit from ZenPayroll’s services.


Xero is beautifully simple accounting software. This is a complete accounting package that makes it easy for anyone to properly handle accounting for their company. Their solution is all online and seamlessly integrates with other services (like ZenPayroll) to make accounting as hassle free as possible.

Kin HR

Growing a business from the ground up often means individuals doing the work of multiple of departments, including hiring, onboarding, and managing employees. With this tool, you can check up on an employee’s status, see who’s on vacation, and manage any HR requests. Kin provides a centralized location for all your employee management needs.  When trying to run a company and managing a growing staff, it’s very useful!

These are just some of the hundred of cutting edge HRTech that has been coming onto the market. It won’t be long before you can just kick back and relax while computers will take care of most of your employee management needs. To keep up to date with the latest and greatest in HRTech, check out this linkedin group on technology.

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