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How to launch your corporate wellness program in one day

Written by Allie

Forgive us for the attention-grabbing headline…but this is big news.

Introducing “LAUNCH,” a curated bundle containing everything you need to kickstart a company wellness program right now.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of building an effective and engaging wellness program, and made it so simple you can get started in a day. And we’re offering this new solution for free until the end of 2020


What’s included?

We’ve bundled five of our most popular wellness solutions. The LAUNCH package includes:

  • Activity Rewards: incentives for exercise and healthy activities
  • Goals: individual goal-setting for exercise, personal health, and more
  • Healthcard: our mobile-friendly health risk assessment and easy population health reporting
  • Learn: educational health content and newsletters you can trust
  • Corporate Rates & Deals: worldwide discounts to gyms and fitness centers

Who is it for?

Over the last few years, we’ve heard from plenty of employers and benefits consultants. Everyone wants to nurture a happier healthier office, but actually executing on that vision takes work.

LAUNCH is best for those who are brand new to wellness. It’s a big problem solver for companies who want to invest in a wellness program, but don’t have a ton of time or energy to waste.

What makes it different from the rest of IncentFit’s product line?

We consider LAUNCH a quick-start program, with room to grow. You’ll get to enjoy services that cover several aspects of wellness—exercise, education, goal setting, etc—without getting too far into customization or administrative oversight.

With LAUNCH, your employees will set their own personal health goals and can earn credit for exercising or completing other healthy activities. They can turn all that hard work into rewards, redeeming credit for exercise gear, gift cards, and other cool swag in our merchandise mall.

They’ll also be able to set their own personal health goals, pick topics to learn more about, and get a better sense of current and future health risks.

For administrators, you’ll be able to quickly learn about your employees’ health needs and see what motivates and inspires them. LAUNCH can either be a one-stop shop, or a base to build upon once you deepen your commitment to employee health.

Sounds awesome! So why are you offering it for free?

2020 is an unusual year. We recognize that employers still want to offer competitive benefits, and benefit consultants are looking for ways to help their clients reach their goals.

We also believe that health isn’t something that should wait for a rainy day. We’re offering LAUNCH for free through the end of the year so companies can get started right now.

And when you’re ready to add more to your plan? We’ve got you covered, too.

Want to learn more? Schedule a demo to see what LAUNCH can do for you. Our check out our other packages.

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