Fit Employees have a Better Return On Investment

Written by Amber

Keeping an employee from leaving is always an investment. Every day, you’re giving your employee a little bit more experience in the field and investing a little bit more into them through your employee experience. Not all employees have the best return on investment. Studies show that employees that aren’t in good health are less engaged, and more likely to quit. High turnover can be costly. Here are a few ways that fit employees have a better return on your investment:

Employees Who Exercise More Have Higher Work Performance

This is probably because exercise has been known to increase overall energy levels and mood. Many surveys found that employees who exercise more, have higher work performance. Tel Aviv University found that regular exercise increased job performance by 15%. Furthermore, employees who exercise were less likely to experience burnout on the job. According to the same study, employees who exercise are also 27% less likely to call out of work last minute.

Employees Who Eat Right, Work Harder

Workers that eat healthier also perform better according to the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), Brigham Young University and the Center for Health Research at Healthways. They found that workers that ate 5 or more servings of vegetables, four or more times a week, were 20% likely to be more productive. They also found that employees that eat healthy meals throughout the day were 25% more likely to have a higher job performance.

Healthier Employees Are More Engaged

Employee engagement is what drives employees to be more invested in their own work. A Gallup poll shows that healthier employees are more engaged. We mentioned before that employees who are engaged are less likely to quit their jobs. They’re also less likely to call out unexpectedly.

While it’s impossible to only hire fit employees, you can encourage employees to eat healthier and be more active at home. Creating a culture of wellness at the workplace is a great place to start. Institute a wellness program in your office that’ll get employees moving and eating right. It’s a guaranteed return on investment! Don’t know where to start? Try IncentFit. We guarantee that we can help you develop a program that works for your unique needs.

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