Fit Employees Are Better Team Players

Written by Amber

Fitness is important for more than just looking good. The fact is fit employees are more cooperative and easier to work with then their unhealthy counterparts. Why? The skills required to be physically fit carry over to other aspects of their life, especially their jobs (this is a key part of wellness in the workplace). Furthermore, the physical effects of exercise allows us not only to be more pleasant, but also harder workers. Here are a few reasons why we should always encourage employees to exercise more:

Exercise supports a healthier mood

No one wants to deal with a moody employee. Moody employees can be difficult to communicate with, and can slack on their work. One of the first things a doctor recommends to someone struggling with depression is to exercise. Exercise reduces brain inflammation, one of the main causes of depression, and releases good feeling endorphins. It also reduces feelings of stress, which can also contribute to a sour mood.

Exercise improves discipline

Undisciplined employees can bring others down when they don’t carry their work. Besides exercise releasing chemicals in our brain that support concentration, fit employees are usually more disciplined. People that are physically fit are so because of regular routine. Fitness only comes with time. Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

Exercise increases energy levels

Fit employees typically have higher energy levels due to regular exercise. Research has consistently shown that steady exercise routines increases our energy levels. More energy translates directly to more work done in the office.

Fit employees know how to work as a team

Employees who picked up their exercise habits from participating in group sports already know how to be team players. These people have experience cooperating and supporting each other towards a singular goal. This translates directly to the workplace.

Need more convincing? Think about a time of your personal life when you exercised a lot and when you didn’t. When were you happiest / most productive / more energetic / a better employee? Almost everyone answers these questions the same way because almost everyone has felt the huge benefits of exercise. Numbers are great, but that first-hand experience is invaluable!

Need ideas on how to encourage your staff to spend more time exercising? IncentFit rewards employees for exactly how much they accomplish, and they can see it from their smart phone at any time. Ask us how!