Exploring Alternatives to KrowdFit: Wellness Platforms for Motivation and Rewards

Written by Kate

As technology continues to enhance the way we approach health and wellness, digital platforms have emerged as powerful tools to incentivize and track healthy activities.

One such platform was KrowdFit, an app that offered users the opportunity to enter drawings to win cash rewards by tracking wellness activities like sleep, mindfulness, walking, food logging, and physical activity. Adjacent to the app, KrowdFit also offered a Wellness Rewards Mastercard, providing uncapped cash rewards on lifestyle purchases. The platform’s goal was to enhance its users’ overall health and fitness commitments while providing tangible rewards for their efforts.

However, as of November 2023, KrowdFit suddenly ceased operations, leaving many users scrambling to find alternatives that offer similar benefits and incentives. In this guide, we’ll explore alternative wellness platforms to help individuals continue their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.


HealthyWage is an app that allows users to “bet” on their wellness journeys. Through its “HealthyWager” program, participants can “wager” on how much weight they aim to lose within a certain time frame, and the program will offer cash prizes based on the outcomes of those goals. The app also offers cash rewards for team challenges. Its focus is on weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes, adding extra motivation for individuals looking to achieve their fitness goals while earning cash rewards.

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DietBet is another app that gamifies weight loss goals by giving users the opportunity to earn rewards for winning “bets” on their health. Users can bet a certain amount of cash rewards, usually under $50, and wager to lose a certain amount of weight within a specified time frame.


We may be a little biased, but IncentFit makes it easy for organizations to reward employees for healthy activities and lifestyle purchases through our highly customizable Activity Rewards and and Lifestyle Reimbursements, allowing users to track their wellness activities and be rewarded for their efforts. Our proprietary technology takes the administrative work out of running these programs and integrates seamlessly with a variety of fitness trackers.


Higi combines health tracking with rewards through its network of health stations located in retail locations across the United States. Users can track various health metrics such as blood pressure, weight, and BMI at these stations and earn rewards for their measurements. Additionally, Higi offers a mobile app that allows users to track activities, set goals, and earn rewards for healthy behaviors. With its unique approach to health monitoring and rewards, Higi offers a distinct alternative to traditional fitness tracking platforms.


Sweatcoin is an app that incentivizes physical activity by rewarding users with its cryptocurrency, Sweatcoins. The app pays 0.95 Sweatcoins for every 1,000 outdoor steps logged, which users can redeem for various rewards and prizes, including fitness gear, workout classes, and Amazon gift cards. One caveat is that Sweatcoins do not have any monetary value, but gift cards can be exchanged for money through a site like Card cash.


While these alternatives may not fully replicate the exact model of KrowdFit, they provide similar benefits and opportunities for users to earn rewards for their healthy behaviors. Whether through tracking activities, participating in challenges, or achieving weight loss goals, these platforms offer valuable incentives to support users on their wellness journeys. As the landscape of digital wellness continues to evolve, these alternatives stand as testament to the enduring appeal of rewards-based motivation in fostering healthier lifestyles. To read more from our Wellness Word HR and Wellness blog, feel free to check out the articles below.

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