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7 Engaging Topics for Your Company’s Wellness Newsletter

Written by Amber

Running out of ideas for your office wellness newsletter? Below are some ideas we came up with to help inspire you, and help you as you try to improve wellness in the workplace:

  • Healthy Recipes: Don’t forget to provide options for varying dietary restrictions! Include simple recipes that people would be more likely to try. Great places to look for these include:
    • The Minimalist Baker – A website dedicated to simple recipes (most are ten ingredients or less), the Minimalist Baker is a good place to pick up an easy vegan recipe.
    • A Pinch of Yum – An easy to navigate blog for both simple and more complex recipes ideas for all healthy food preferences and diets.
  • Ways to Stay Healthy at Work: Offer an at work health tip in each newsletter. These could include the benefits of taking a lunch at work, ideas for nutritional office snacks, or different stress relief techniques.
  • Exercise Tips: Provide simple exercise tips such as best stretches for certain muscles or a favorite yoga pose. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective.
  • Fitness Classes in the Area: Sometimes finding the motivation to exercise just comes down to finding an exercise you like. If you notice a new aerial yoga or kickboxing class, give it a shout out in the newsletter! Check if local fitness classes are interested in advertising or in writing a blurb for free publicity.
  • Wellness Trends: Acai bowls anyone? Keep staff in the loop of new wellness trends that they might like to try.
    • Work Benefits That May Not Be Utilized: Whether offered directly by the company or maybe a perk through your health insurance, remind employees of fitness incentives that might have missed. This is also a great way to promote wellness at your workplace.
  • Progress of Any Current Company Fitness Challenges: Remind employees when fitness challenges are coming up, and highlight leading employees in the newsletter during these challenges. Notably, studies have shown that we’re more motivated to keep moving if we’re involved in an online peer network!

Writing a wellness newsletter can be fun! Keep it simple, and it’ll be easy once you find topics that you’re really interested in. Don’t even know where to begin with a company newsletter? Check out our guide on how to create a wellness newsletter.

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