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6 Ideas to Include Remote Employees In Your Wellness Program

Written by Allie

Businesses that invest in workplace wellness understand the value of supporting employees physical, emotional, and mental health. That’s why so many offer perks that make balancing work and life easier, including flexible hours or options for remote work. And as digital technology expands, remote teams are increasingly common.

If you’re managing teams in multiple offices or employees who aren’t physically in the same location, be careful that they’re not out of sight, out of mind! Here’s how to include and engage remote employees in a wellness program:

Be inclusive

Make your wellness options available to everyone across the board, and make sure they make sense for your remote workers. Don’t pick a plan that automatically excludes those who aren’t physically in your office or is only available to small sets of people; that means office workshops or free on-site gyms are a poor fit.

Build connections

There’s value in building camaraderie across teams…or even across continents. Your wellness program should bridge the gap, acting as a team-building resource and a way to get healthier or more active. We’ve seen employers do this with workplace challenges, virtual team building, or virtual events that include all employees across the world. Many employers are turning to virtual team building events, especially as remote work picks up steam.

Don’t restrict by location

Are you offering gym reimbursements? Don’t restrict them to just the one next to your headquarters. Make it easy for employees to log activities or earn credit anywhere.

Encourage movement away from a computer

We’re now spending upwards of 10 hours a day looking at a screen. Combat eye strain and sedentary hours by incentivizing exercise breaks, outdoor activities, meditation, or gym visits.

Trust (and invest) in technology

Your remote employees are already using technology to help them be more productive every day. Rely on digital tools or mobile apps to make your program run smoothly no matter where it is. Consider purchasing fitness trackers in bulk as an added bonus to get everyone on the same system.

Communicate successes

In a physical office, it can be easier to promote a wellness program with posters or signs, or to give recognition to those who go the extra mile. Don’t forget to include your remote employees in the celebration, with a newsletter, social media shout-out, or other internal communications that remind everyone that you’re all working toward a healthier workplace, together.

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