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Biometric Screening Form Template

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Using a Biometric Screenign Form is a great way to help your employees learn about their health status, and potential high-risk health behaviors.

This free PDF Biometric Screening Form template will get you started aggregating your population health information, and gauge the collective health of your organization.

Once you start to see how helpful Biometric Screening information is for your organization, you may want to consider using our wellness solution designed to improve all aspects of personal, and population wellness!

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Here's how IncentFit can help Improve Your Population Health:

  • Inclusive & Personalized Wellness Plans for each Employee
  • Empower Employees with Individualized Goals (which you can incentivize)
  • Simplified Population Health through automated HIPAA Compliant Reporting Suite
  • Gamify your Wellness Program, to increase engagement and participation
  • Roll Out Fun, Customizable Wellness Challenges to rally the troops together