Workplace Wellness

28 Wellness Activities Everyone will Love (and How to Get Started)

Now more than ever, prioritizing employee health and encouraging them to take part in wellness activities is crucial to the success of a company. In fact, everyone benefits from having healthy employees. The best way to improve the lives of employees and show that their wellbeing is supported is by offering a wellness program that Read more…

Workplace Wellness

4 Ways To Promote Mental Wellness In The Workplace

If you work full-time, then your occupation defines your daily schedule and routine. For most of your waking hours, you’re spending it in the workplace, so it’s not surprising that your job is going to influence a few facets of your life. One of these is your mental health. No matter what kind of occupation Read more…

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What is Worksite Wellness, and How Can It Help My Company ?

Corporate wellness programs are designed to encourage employees to make healthier lifestyle choices, often with an emphasis on supporting and rewarding employees as they progress toward better health. But they can also be a critical component of a successful company.