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Events and Challenges: September 2019 Updates from IncentFit

Written by Allie

In this month’s updates, we’re introducing a fresh way to challenge and motivate employees throughout the year—challenge tracks!

Challenge Tracks

Love IncentFit wellness challenges, but struggling to figure out what to do next? Now it’s even easier to plan out your strategy for the entire year. We’ve created three unique challenge tracks, each with a different theme and focus. Just select your track and we’ll give you the challenges to follow. For best results, schedule challenges every 2-3 months and reward top finishers with prizes to recognize their positive efforts.

  • Steps Track: This six-part track focuses on stepping it up individually and as a team.
  • Total Wellness: Follow this track to guide your employees to take a more holistic approach to health.
  • Physical Activity Track: This action-packed option will motivate your employees to hit the gym, and try new and different ways to stay active!

Create Events

Now you can easily create your own events using the IncentFit Leagues and Events tool. Populate the calendar with one-time events or a series, from flu clinics to fun-runs to lunchtime workout classes. Invite everyone, or a select group of employees. Contact us today to turn on this feature for your company, or to set up a call to learn more!

Tweaks and Notes

Some other updates worth mentioning: We’ve been improving the admin reporting dashboard and adding new ways to sort and filter your data. One interesting, small update is that the Individuals report now shows which devices employees are using to track their data. This is useful for our support team to help troubleshoot issues, but can be helpful to also point your employees toward help content for their specific device. Or, if you notice that many employees like the same device, you could consider adding it as a prize or reward for big activities.

We’re also proud to report 98.76 % uptime for the mobile app and 100% for all other systems in the last 90 days. You can see for yourself at our new system status page, updating in real time 24/7:

Corporate Wellness Benefit Managers having a discussion while looking at an electronic tablet.

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