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IncentFit April 2021 Admin Updates

Written by Allie

This month’s IncentFit product updates includes news about new survey editing tools, suggestions to help your employees beat stress, and more. Here’s the latest:

Survey says…
Whatever you’d like! We’ve added a new editing tool to Pulse Surveys. Now administrators can edit any or all of the questions before sending to the team, bringing a whole new level of personalization to your employee surveys.
Want to try it out? Schedule a demo with our team to see how!

Improved Reports
Companies using HealthCard have a better view of their data! Admins, take a look at the updates in the Reports tab in the IncentFit webapp.
Now you can view or download detailed summaries of all assessments—including stats on how many employees responded, the average time it took to complete the assessment, and the aggregate responses to all of your questions. That’s in addition to an existing tab where you can view charts of your company’s biometric data at a glance.

Other updates

  • Want to encourage your employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine? We’ve done the research on how to offer incentives through your wellness program, and many companies are already on board. Read our explainer for full details
  • April is Stress Awareness Month. Consider using IncentFit’s tools to enrich your programming around this important topic. Our blog has some ideas!

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