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Tag, You’re It: August Updates and Features

Written by Allie

In this month’s IncentFit product updates, we’ve introduced a revamped rewards dashboard to help you see what activities your employees like best! Plus, new options for creating team challenges and support for email logins.

Challenge Team Tags

Want to run an HR vs Marketing step challenge? Go for it! If you enjoy running team-based challenges, but want to have more control of what types of teams you create, now you can do that with our internal tagging system.

You can filter and sort people into challenges based on their specific tags, so you can run challenges based on department, region, or whatever categories you choose. This also allows you to determine who can and cannot join a team based on tags.

To use this feature:

    • Upload an eligibility file with whatever tags you want.
    • View tags in the manage users table
    • When creating challenges, you can edit a team and make it only available to employees with certain tags.

Rewards Report

We’re always working behind the scenes to make your admin dashboard run more smoothly. This month we’re introducing a new interactive Rewards Report, where you can see a breakdown of stats including:

    • total benefits earned
    • total benefits disbursed
    • how your employees earned their rewards
    • when they got paid
    • what method they used for disbursement

This can help you understand what types of activities are most popular with your employees, which months are more active than others, and the various ways they’re choosing to get paid.

To find this feature, look under Reports > Rewards on the left side of your admin dashboard. You can also download or print these charts by clicking the top right menu.


If you or your employees have multiple email addresses, or if you company uses emails with different domains, we now support that in a larger way with email aliasing — which means faster support and fewer login issues for you.

Please let us know if you are planning to make changes to a large number of employee email addresses (say if you’ve acquired a new company, are changing branding, or changing your domain). We’ll take care of it!

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