Turn colleagues into teammates.

Bring employees together with IncentFit Events

Don’t turn off your company culture at 5 o’clock.

Host a calendar of company events, wellness activities, and social meetups all in one place.

Simplified Administration

One unified wellness calendar for everything from lunch-and-learns and lectures, to yoga classes, league sports, and the annual company 5k.

Team Building, Made Simple

IncentFit Events helps your employees find ways to spend time together outside of meetings.

Supercharged Engagement

Forget about unread event invites and posters by the watercooler. Improve your event attendance with a convenient mobile calendar that’s always in sync.

How It Works

Populate the calendar with your events, from financial wellness seminars to fun runs

IncentFit handles the RSVP process, registration, waivers, and communication

Go! Employees browse, connect, and find events they love.

Keep all your wellness events in one place and save time while you plan for 2019!

We’ve got you covered with a calendar of monthly themes and 100+ important dates.

Download the 2019 Wellness Calendar now:

IncentFit Events is new for 2019!

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