The journey to wellness begins with one step

Make IncentFit HealthCard the foundation for your healthy company culture

Improve the health of your employee population

A health risk assessment is a screening tool. It’s not a solution on its own, but often the first step towards a comprehensive approach to corporate wellness.

By gathering important biometric, health, and behavioral data, HealthCard helps employees and companies get a sense of potential health concerns -- and most importantly, a look to the future.

Insights Made Easy

Learn more about employee health, with assessments covering:


Preventative Health

Exercise Habits

Diet and Nutrition

Sleep Hygiene

Alcohol and Smoking

Emotional Health

Depression and Stress

Work-Life Balance

Financial Wellness

Safety and Environmental Health

Mindset and Willingness to Change

And more...

How it Works

Employees complete a brief but comprehensive survey on their health and personal habits

Admins receive handy reports of aggregated, anonymous data. 

Both employees and employers are equipped to make strategic wellness decisions.

How We're Different

Works on your mobile device

User friendly and quick to complete

Clear Reports and Aggregated Data

Customizable Based On Your Needs and Goals

Works for small businesses

Works for distributed teams

Affordable with no annual contracts

Saves work hours for HR team

In-house customer support

For Employers

Put health insights on autopilot. We’ll automatically generate reports of aggregated, anonymous data based on your employees’ responses. 

 See a snapshot of your current population health, or track improvement throughout the year.

For Employees 

In 10 minutes or less, click through a simple, user-friendly questionnaire covering all areas of your personal wellness. Gain awareness of your health risks, areas to improve, and ways you’re already doing well. It’s that easy.           

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