Health risk assessments and population health reporting that really work

When it comes to employee health, what you don’t know can cost you.

IncentFit's Healthcard streamlines health management and assessment—making it simple for employees and employers alike.

Comprehensive health risk assessments, health-related surveys, and HIPAA-protected data analysis all in one.

Doctor assessing patient

How it Works

Admins pick the topics that matter to your company, and decide how frequently to run surveys or health assessments.

We’ll send your employees brief surveys to complete on their phone or computer.

Use real-time analytics to make strategic decisions and proactively address employee health needs.

Actionable Data

Using NCQA-recommended guidelines, we've designed surveys that empower employees while improving the validity of self-reported data.

We’ll automatically generate reports of aggregated data based on your employees’ responses. Protect your team's privacy while reviewing trends and insights to help make strategic wellness decisions.

Use this data to:

  • improve or update your health benefits
  • establish a baseline to track future progress
  • invest in necessary disease management programs
  • offer personalized assistance to employee groups
  • run initiatives to improve health outcomes
  • understand risks and potential health costs
  • make an impact on employee health and wellness
  • ...and more!

“As part of a broader program to engage employees in their health, shape lifestyle choices, and promote prevention, HRAs can be enormously effective."

-The Commonwealth Fund