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IncentFit combines powerful technology, transparent pricing, and a practical mobile app to make corporate wellness benefits accessible and affordable.

Easy, engaging wellness benefits that your employees can access right on their own phones.

We work with top fitness brands like Samsung, Fitbit, or Apple Health to effortlessly track exercise and wellness data. 

IncentFit’s proprietary technology integrates directly with all of the leading consumer apps, not through a third party. That means your employees benefit from faster and more accurate syncing of their activities. 

Download the full list of 30+ compatible apps and devices.

Four quick promises:

1. You can use any smartphone

Our mobile app runs on iOS and Android. We’ll always offer our best version of both. No brainer.

2. There’s no need to bulk-purchase

With IncentFit, you can boost workplace wellness without being tied to a specific device, gym, or having to buy equipment in bulk for your employees to participate.

3. You can track and reward any activities

You know the classics like walking and running, but our system can accurately track hundreds of activities. Just select which ones you want in your plan.

4. You control your data

Your personal information is safe with us. You have control over what you share and how. And administrators never have access to employees’ private wellness data.

“IncentFit really understands what motivates people, and have designed a platform that truly does inspire our team to develop healthy habits.”

-Everett R., Chief Operations Officer, JaneHires

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